Business Development Manager Application

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Business Development Manager

Growth. Relationships. Making a difference.

This role isn’t just merely a ‘Sales Role’, this position is the face of the Executive Placements Brand. Have you ever worked for a company in which you were in Sales and had to sell a product that you knew was either inferior or wasn’t the best in the market? Well, you won’t have that problem here!

It’s easy to develop business within a particular market when you are passionate about your product. It is easy to passionate about your product when your product is quality. Not only is our product the quality people that we represent each and every single day, but it is also our process, our EP Certification™, our submittal, and our philosophies on the recruiting and staffing industry. Each one of these at Executive Placements is nothing less than pride-worth. We take great pride in offering quality training, processes, and more importantly support.

You see, business development is not an individual sport. It is a TEAM sport. From co-workers, to management, to fellow recruiters, we all do our part to impact Business Development and our Business Development Managers feel and experience that every single day.

Do you like unlimited earning potential from uncapped commissions, and the most lucrative structure in the industry? Well, we aren’t here to make you choose between one or the other, because at Executive Placements, you have both!


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