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Benefits of Staffing

80% Submittal-to-Interview Ratio

We don’t think you read that correctly… this literally means that 80% of every candidate, regardless of skill-set, gets an interview for the position that we submit them too. Imagine where you would be in your career if 80% of every job that you applied for selected you for an interview. Would your career path look differently? Well, why submit your resume in a pile of hundreds when Executive Placements can place it directly in front of the hiring manager?

Submittal-to-Interview Ratio 80%

Hiring Manager Relationships

What if you could call the direct hiring manager over the phone and catch up about how your weekend was? About future holiday plans or the funny office story the day before, and THEN talk about the specific reasons why you are a good fit for the job you applied for. Would you get better results? Of course you would! Well, this is one of the main benefits of working with Executive Placements. We already have an established relationship with the hiring manager so when we say that we have a candidate that is a good fit, they KNOW we mean that we have a candidate that is a good fit.

Career Counseling

We all work with professionals in virtually every industry, except when it comes to the job market. What if you knew the most optimal format for a resume? Best question to ask during an interview? Best form of follow-up after the interview? Well that is why we have Recruiting Specialists that walk you through the entire hiring process from resume to interview to starting Day 1!

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Recent Reviews

“Professional and friendly. The recruiter who helped me, Cris was very nice and made sure to keep me updated on potential assignments. More importantly he went over expectations to make sure I was trained properly and I was satisfied. Even after when I got hired he continues to check on my progress. I have recommended them to friends and family.”

Adam W., via Google Reviews

“Great communication from start to finish in helping me find my next opportunity.”

Naeem M., via Google Reviews

“This agency was very helpful from start to finish. I told them what I was looking for, what I wanted to stay away from, along with salary requirements. They did a fantastic job matching me with employers. I had multiple offers on the table. Not only did they provide offers but they were clearly communicated to me, allowing me to make the best decision for myself. Executive Placements provided weekly check-ups too, which was very comforting knowing they didn’t forget about me. Out of all of the agencies I worked with over a 4 month span Executive Placements was hands down the best.”

Shireese B., via Google Reviews
“I was definitely worried about taking a temp position at first, but EP was able to make the process so smooth and seamless. Within a week I had a job offer and was preparing to start the position. Now 5 months later I’m in the process to be hired on as a full time employee. Would definitely recommend Executive Placements to anyone who is looking for employment. They truly have your best interest in mind.”
Karen G., via Google Reviews

“I will admit that I was not sure about accepting a seasonal temporary position at first, but Cris Foster really went to bat for me with my call center position. He stayed in touch constantly and was very supportive. Long story short, I was not only kept at the end of Holiday Season, but recently made a Full Time permanent employee with Plow and Hearth. I love my job with this great company and wonderful coworkers! My thanks to Cris and Executive Placements for helping me and my family.”

Joanne W., via Google Reviews